Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fancy Sunflower

Even though I live in Florida and winters are a far cry from what most of the Country experiences with snow, ice & freezing rain; I am ready for Spring and warmer weather. Because of the heat here in Florida I can plant Sunflowers in the Spring and early Summer. So until I can plant some Sunflowers, I will crochet them!!! This pattern is from an old Annies Attic monthly mini book, I can't remember which one, I have made this pattern so many times over the years that it is embedded in my little brain...Please meet Miss Fancy Sunflower and her friend!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Valentine Crochet Dishcloth

Just a quickie dishcloth for Valentines Day!! The pattern is from the Lily website and is free, you do have to register to get the free patterns, but well worth the little bit of time it takes. I am still not feeling my crochet mojo, but I am hoping that with just some little projects like this dishcloth that it will return. Without further ado here she is!!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

I have been away too long..............

Hello friends!! I have been out of the "loop" for a little while, but I am hoping to spend some more time here in blogland! I will be updating the look of my space here on the internet and I am hoping to post a few new projects very soon.

I am hopelessy addicted to Facebook and I am really trying to break away from it. I spend WAY too much time (or should I say "waste" so much time?) there.

Lots of cold temps out there, please stay warm and stay safe, the temps are dangerously low up North...................