Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Hello poor little neglected blog! I promise to spend more time with you!!!!

It has been too hot here to even think about doing anything but sitting in front of the fan! Why, I ask myself on several occasions, do we live in Florida?????????? There is no change of season, the humidity makes my hair do strange things, my pool temp is 90 degrees, (so no relief there), and gee whiz, 81 degrees at 5am! Really???? Come on!!

Okay, I will stop complaing.....Can anybody offer any positive reasons for living in this unbearable heat? Sigh.......................

Well off to work, I have it down to a science to stay out of the heat, hahahaha!!! From my AirConditioned house to my AirConditioned Car (parked in the garage) to the Air Conditioned Parking Garage to the AirConditioned Bank and back again!!!! HA HA!!!!!

Okay I am done....I think............................

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annemarie said...

I am so glad you are back - missed you. Hey living in Texas is not any better - I can truly relate to the humidity issues and fuzzy, curly hair. We have had 90 plus temps since May. I hope you have found time for some new crochet projects.