Saturday, September 3, 2011

My Precious Gift

This photo was taken in 1988 and she was 2 years old. Her Daddy was in the Navy so she loved to wear her Sailor Dress! This is one of my most precious pictures of her, she was such a sweet little girl, she once brought home a baby squirrel that had fallen out of its nest (much to my horror) because it needed a mommy. She had it in a shoe box with leaves and Spanish Moss. She was always bringing home some kind of injured, lost, or just plain cute creature. She has not changed much over these 25 years, she is nurturing, compasionate and most of all the kindest person I think I know.

Lord only knows what I did to deserve such a precious gift. The one thing I do know is that my life was changed forever the day she was born, and I can't imagine one single day without her beautiful smile.

I was listening to the morning News, as I alway do; A woman was killed today crossing a busy intersection not far from my husbands place of business. It was a horrible accident; no ones fault. I did not think too much about it as I got ready for work and went on my way.
My husband called me a few hours later and asked me if I had heard about the accident, I said yes, what about it?
"Well honey, you remember Kim? She has been with me for the last 10 years? Well that was her that was killed this morning. I called her Sister because she was late for work and I was worried, the Police were just arriving and breaking the news to the family."
Life is a gift, live it to the fullest, love to the fullest, live each day like it is your last.
I learned a very important lesson yesterday, thank you for letting my share it with you.

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