Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Charlie the Crow

This is my next project, isn't he cute? I purchased the pattern here, her designs are just adorable, and she is the sweetest person.


Mrs Twins said...

Thanks for visiting me Anne. Yes, you know that's a really good idea! I shall have to get one done. Next time I go over. She doesn't know I'm making one. I was going to put it in the post as a surprise. Get her to sit on the settee too. That would be so good.
Do you know I'm always so interested to see what folk are making. This project would be absolutely fantastic to do. The colours are superb to. I don't think it would take too long either once you got started. Your daughter is so pretty....... Follows her mom eh! Seriously, it is a really nice photo of her. My two never like getting their photos done, I don't know why. You must be extremely proud of her Anne.
See you on yours, or you on me! Bye for now. Bed time!

Bluebird Papercrafts said...

Anne, This is just the cutest crocheted animal ever! I am so happy that you found me - it's a mystery! I look forward to following your adventures!

katscountryprims said...

I never learned to crochet...not to this calibur! I can maybe do a simple chain...but that is the extent of it. I like this little guy...totally cute! And thanks for the comment on Freckles! I appreciate that! Kat♥

Anonymous said...