Sunday, October 18, 2009

Quiet Weekend

This weekend has been very quiet. The weather has turned cooler and drier, and the air smells like fall to me. It is about time!!! It has been so stinkin' hot here on the West Coast of Florida. My husband has spent the better part of this weekend watching movies, he has an extensive collection of DVD's, and he has watched probably 10 movies since Saturday Morning, and he is still watching them. At least I know where he is!! LOL!!! I have been just puttering around, watching TV in the other room and working on some crochet projects, just some small ones, and playing on Flickr and checking out my other social networking groups online. Not a bad way to spend the weekend if I do say so myself!!! My in-laws live in SouthWest Virgina, the picture in this post is of several of the trees on the back of their property...I so miss the changing of the seasons especially this time of year. Hope you all have had a relaxing weekend!!


Mrs Twins said...

Happy Monday!
Well I think its' nice to have a quiet weekend now and then! It gives you time to recharge your batteries. I'm loving the weather here we're having such wonderful sunny days! Yet, its Autumn and we have the crispness of leaves beneath our feet. We managed to get out into the garden yesterday and sweep the leaves up and throw out the dead bits, really was quite enjoyable. Then yes, you have a bit of time for crocheting which is nice. Have a look at your blogs and Flickr what could be nicer! Nice to have time when you can really please yourself what you do, instead of family commitments all the time.
Have a good day Sue.

The Garden Bell said...

What a lovely picture. I have heard how hot it's been down there. I don't think I've told you that I've figured out you are close to all of Scott's Family. Let's see... Dunedin, Tarpon, Palm Harbor, and New Port Richey.

When Scott and I go down we do tend to try to stay in our own little hideaway we found in Redington Shores. I plan on blogging about it soon, so keep you eye out. Beside, who wants to stay with the crazy in-laws and wild cousins...he-he....

P.S. I there the whole month of March this year.