Thursday, November 19, 2009

I am back!!!

Sorry I have been MIA the last several weeks. Work has been brutal, and my Mom has been having some health issues. She is on an upward trend and feeling better, I just hope it continues.

She just recently retired (in Feb) and I wonder just a little bit if maybe she is just not knowing what to do with herself. She lives alone, about 30 minutes from me, we talk everyday and we spend Saturdays together, but I work full time and so does my daughter. I also think she is just a little bit lonely. What to do, what to do.................I have been off this week and she seems so much better and much more like her old self. I will keep you posted. Thanks for reading this far!

Well, I made myself this happy little Christmas calendar with FlickrToys, and boy is it cute. Elizabeth from Creatively Breathing posted one of her vintage Christmas cards on Flickr for paper crafting. Well I am NOT a paper crafter and I ENVY you ladies who are so talented! So, I needed a December Calendar for my PC Desktop and here it is..TADAAAAAA!!!

Dripping with cuteness don't you think?


The Garden Bell said...

Welcome back. I totally get the taking care of the parents. We have Scott's Mom alone down there now. It's a full time job, even without all the worrying we do.

We all will be here. We all need to take a break when we need to.

Hang in there,

Ana Luisa said...

nice to see you back. Hope your mum is feeling better; i know how it feels to be lonely and with nothing interesting to do.he he..

Maria said...

Good luck with your Mom. Time might work things out. Take care of yourself

Mrs Twins said...

Glad you're back,wondered where you were! They are great fun these calendars, see Flickr!
Hugs and Love Suex