Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sock Monkey Progress

Well I am finished with his body, I now just have to make the arms and his tail, and sew his muzzle on. I would post a picture, but he looks a little crude just yet. LOL.....stay tuned!!! It is cold here today, so I should be able to get alot done between laundry and Super Bowl preperations!!!!


Creative Breathing said...

You are having fun with your monkey! I remember having to "fudge" with the putting together when I made one. I was so surprised that there are no seams when you are done. Amazing! Can't wait to see him! Have a great week ahead! E

The Garden Bell said...

Glad to see you back around. Sock monkeys total rock. Can't wait to see him finished. Think of you often, as I'm less than a month away now... yipeeeeee