Sunday, August 8, 2010

Daisy Wheel Dishcloth

Daisy Wheel Dishcloth
Originally uploaded by RaggedieAnne
Made this for my daughters kitchen......Hot Pink and Hot Green by Lilly Sugar N Cream.....pattern from a free tear sheet found at Michaels!! Cute and fun to make in under 2 hours!!!!

Just a little something fun and cute! We have been under a heat advisory here on the West Coast of Florida the last couple of days, so staying inside as much as possible!!!

Getting some much needed rain today, it is nice to finally have some relief from the HEAT! I have lived in Floriday for going on 40 years and this is the hottest Summer I can ever remember! But at least in the Winter we don't have to shovel snow............yet! Hello Global Warming!!


The Garden Bell said...

Such a treat to have you back around in blogland. Stay with us now my friend. Love you latest dishcloth.

annemarie said...

Lovely dishcloth - the colors are so bright and cheery. We have had the hottest summer ever here in Texas so you are not alone!! The heat and humidity has been unbearable - we keep hoping for rain but it seems to pass us by.