Monday, August 9, 2010

Miss Berry Cow

Pink Cow Mosaic
Originally uploaded by RaggedieAnne
I was just playing around on Flickr and look what I made!!! I love this Pink Cow; if you remember I made her for a friend at work and she just absolutely LOVES her. She has her on her home office desk!! Her nose is a little wonky but that is part of her charm!!! Her Name is Berry Cow!

1. Pink Cow, 2. Hello!!!, 3. Ha Ha!!, 4. Pink Cow


The Garden Bell said...

The wonkier the better as far as I'm concerned. Love it.

annemarie said...

Love Miss Berry Cow - I have my cow pieces crocheted but have not put her together. I was confused about the leg placement so set it aside (a bad habit of mine). Now is the time to finish her up!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely Cow,nice colors too

greetings Anja