Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dishcloth Bouquet

Dishcloth Bouquet
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Isn't this cute? I made this for my Mom's Birthday on August 26th. The roses are dishclothes rolled up to look like flowers! I found the pattern and the idea on Ravelry & the pattern is a free download from Coats & Clark...The colors match her kitchen, which she has just had remodeled.

Of course I just know she will not use these for dishclothes, how could she; they are too cute to wash dishes with!!!

I think I need to find a fuzzy little bee to put on one of the flowers? What do you think?

Off to Michaels!! (was that a good excuse or what?) LOL


The Garden Bell said...

Just you wait my friend. The news just broke. Hobby Lobby is opening on I think Little and Ridge up in NPR... Get an early jump on McMullen. Not sure the exact day.

But, you will be creating tons more beauties like this one. Love the standard colors and such a cute idea.


Maria said...

Such a sweet idea, no wonder she will not use them, they look so good just like that

annemarie said...

Oh do I love this little bit of kitchen sunshine1